5 Tech Solutions for Remote Business Managers

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3 min readMar 29, 2023

Events over the last few years have transformed the idea of remote working from a dream into reality, with GetApp finding that 65% of all full-time US employees work remotely. It doesn’t take much to realize the reasons behind this Tech Solutions for Remote Business, including a healthier work/life balance, boosted productivity, and fewer outgoings. However, remote business presents several challenges, which can be solved by using the following systems.

Here Are Some Tech Solutions for Remote Business Managers ;

1. Time Tracking Software

With employees spread across the country or world, it’s still important for remote business managers to know about the Tech Solutions for Remote Business who’s working at any given time. Fortunately, employee scheduling and online time-tracking software make this easy. These systems allow managers to easily create staff rotas and monitor projects and team members can clock in/out and leave details of what they’re working on.

2. Security Software

Remote business means everything is stored and operated online Here are some Tech Solutions for Remote Business , which can leave vital data wide open to malicious attacks. Therefore, a high-quality security system is needed. Endpoints include smartphones, servers, laptops, and any other device, and they’re often the most vulnerable part of any digital infrastructure. Fortunately, endpoint security software, like F-Secure Elements, can filter which devices (endpoints) can gain entry to a business system.

3. Collaboration Software

A successful team needs to have a platform for collaborating, which involves asking/answering questions, workshopping ideas, sending documents, sharing updates, and connecting socially. Fortunately, there are plenty of brilliant tools that facilitate collaboration, like Slack, which can be integrated with thousands of third-party apps that include productivity. For example, your creative team can use Canva over Slack, one of the best Tech Solutions for Remote Business, which helps with sharing designs and receiving feedback.

4. Video Conferencing Tools

Face-to-face interactions are still important in the digital age, which is why a video conferencing system is essential. Powerful tools like RingCentral and Zoom offer more than a simple calling interface; they’re stacked with impressive tools like:

  • Screen sharing.
  • Cross-device functionality.
  • File sharing.
  • Digital whiteboards.
  • In-call chat.
  • Meeting recording.

To access these features, the majority of conferencing tools will require a subscription. However, you’ll find that pricing structures are often fairly priced around the business size and usage needs.

As well as providing a platform for holding team meetings, video conferencing tools can be used to boost employee engagement — there are plenty of remote games that can be played using Zoom.

5. Task Management Tools

Working remotely requires people to find motivation in themselves to stay on task, which isn’t always easy when they’re surrounded by so many distractions. Therefore, task management software will allow team members to keep their focus, but it will also give management transparency for that peace of mind. Tools like Workfront allow managers to split projects into tasks and assign them to employees. If a task isn’t finished within the set time, managers can reach out to employees to find out what’s happening.

Managing a remote business isn’t easy, but the use of efficient Tech Solutions for Remote Business makes it much easier . If a process or task needs to take place in a physical team, there will be an effective digital solution to fill the gap.



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